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  • Destin Educational Article of the Month - Do Destin mice live in urban areas, or wild areas?

Do Destin mice live in urban areas, or wild areas?

Mice are of different types and the Florida house mice are mostly found at home. They usually live in urban areas more than in the wild for reason best known to them. They prefer to live inside the house, which gave them the name ‘house mice’. They usually thrive with human beings eating what human eat and enjoying the warmness of real home. There are important points that can make you know that mice usually live in urban more than in wild and you will get the points on this post.

Mice are ecologically linked to in nature with human
According to statistics, Destin mice are second most populous mammals found in the urban areas. This assertion shows that mice are ecologically linked to human beings by nature. That is the main reasons why they usually prefer to live more in the urban than in the wild where they supposed to belong to.

Mice are omnivores and always eat same food with human
Another reason why Florida mice mostly live in the urban than in the wild is that they are omnivorous in nature. There foods are both plants and animal sources, which made it easy for them to adapt to the urban area. They can eat leftover foods in the kitchen and garbage. For that reason mice mostly prefer to live in the urban than in the wild where they supposed to belong to.

Most Destin mice prefer urban to wild due to abundance of food
Foods and water are mostly the reason while animals decide on where to live. The mice are not different in this as they usually select their habitat base on the supply of food. With the abundance of foods in the urban, mice always find what to eat and grow fat. They also find source of water easily while in the urban than in the wild.

Other reasons why mice live more in urban than wild
The availability of lodging sources as well as facilities in the urban are majorly the reason Florida mice are found in most urban areas. They do not find it difficult locating a place to stay while in the urban.

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