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  • Prices - How Much Does Pest Wildlife Control in Destin Cost?

Destin Wildlife Removal Prices

We can only give prices over the phone. Everyone wants fair and clearly stated prices for goods and services. But in the field of wildlife removal, every job is different: the type of animal, the damage they have done, the type of building they are in, and so on, all factor into the price. In short, you simply need to call us at 850-200-0550, describe your problem, and you can get a price estimate on the phone. If you like what you hear, you can schedule an appointment. If the job is complex, a final price can't be quoted until a full on-site inspection of your home has been performed.

We are very conscious of cost concerns, and provide an excellent bargain. Our methods always result in a permanent solution, and we are the best long-term value for the investment you've put into your house or building. Be aware that failure to address the problem could wind up far more costly - animals cause damage, and the longer the problem is not addressed, the worse the damage can become.

Here are some of the special considerations for nuisance wildlife control professionals:

  • Licensing & Certification: Wildlife removal is regulated by special laws issued by the Florida Wildlife, Fish & Game commissions, as well as Florida departments of agriculture. In addition, our technicians have all applicable Florida and Destin business licenses.
  • Liability Insurance: We carry liability insurance, to protect ourselves and you against possible accidents or damage inherent in dealing with the risks of climbing on roofs, in attics, dealing with unpredictable wildlife, etc.
  • Danger & Risks: This is a dangerous industry, involving extensive ladder work, work on roofs, inside attics, under homes, etc. Not to mention the risk of handling wild animals, which can injure or transmit a variety of potentially lethal diseases.
  • Advanced Training: Nuisance wildlife removal is a highly complex field, requiring several years' worth of training before true expertise.
  • Equipment: Each of our technicians has a service truck, with contractor cap and ladders, and dozens of different types of traps and tools, from large cage traps, to excluder funnels, to snake tongs, to snare poles, and so on.
Need an effective rodent control company? Would you prefer to hire one that doesn’t use poison? We’re the right guys (and girls) for this job - we’re one of the most effective, and humane, rodent removal services in your area. We like to get to the heart of the matter too - inspecting your home with a 32-point system, designed to find entrance holes that we can seal up. That’s once we’ve used exclusion devices to gently persuade the rodents, and other mammals, to evacuate your property. Once the holes are sealed, the problem can’t return - there’s no way for rodents, or other wildlife, to get back in. We pride ourselves on the humane job we do, not using harmful traps or poisons in the process, and also on the professional-grade sealant and repair jobs we do. Did we mention that we can repair any damage caused to your home by the wild animal? That often includes chewed electrical wiring and replacement of attic insulation. We’ll clean up after ourselves, and the wild animal that has been inside your property, taking away the disease threat and disposing of all manner in the appropriate ways. In short, we’ll take care of the full job for you, from start to finish, and all for a competitive price too. Get in touch for your free quote today.

We service Covington County, Walton County, Santa Rosa County, Escambia County, and more. We also service Crestview, Fort Walton Beach, Laurel Hill, Mary Esther, Niceville, Valparaiso, Cinco Bayou, Shalimar, Englin AFB, Lake Lorraine, Ocean City, Wright, Baker, Escambia Farms, Seminole, Blackman, Florosa, Svea, Bluewater Bay, Garden City, Timpoochee, Campton, and more. To learn more about our services, visit the Destin wildlife removal home page.

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