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  • Destin Educational Article of the Month - Is it safe to handle a Destin snake with your bare hands?

Is it safe to handle a Destin snake with your bare hands?

Desetin snakes are one of the deadliest creatures on earth. They are among the top most animals that usually cause frequent deaths among human beings and other animals all around the world. The notion created by the films that we usually watch on a daily basis of people grabbing snakes with bare hands and killing them is just but a fiction thing. Just like any other wild animal, snakes will always protect themselves when touched.

Defensive mechanism of Florida snakes
Snakes make be limbless and this may make one think that they are so incapable of causing any harm to human being. Snakes usually have sharp teeth on them. Some snakes are known to be venomous and hence a single bite by such snakes would lead to very complicated health problems, some of which would cause immediate deaths.

Snakes are also known to carry various bacteria and diseases with them that would be transmitted through biting. The sharp teeth are mainly used for piercing through the skin of human beings and delivering the venomous saliva that is very harmful. Snakes usually hide in unexpected areas especially the dark ones. Dark deep holes are the main hiding areas of snakes and hence any dark area within human premises would serve well as a hiding place for snakes.

What if a snake bites you?
If in any case a venomous Destin snake bites you, then there are steps that one should take in order to avoid any infection or bacteria from reaching your blood source. Below is a list of the procedures to be takes after one is bitten by a snake;
• If a non-venomous snake bites you, the wound should be immediately washed with large water amounts and soap.
• Together with the victim, evade the location where the biting took place in order to avoid a second victim or even a second bite from the same snake.
• Be able to describe the Florida snake that did bite you. This information is important as it is used by medical practitioners to determine the best anti-venom to use.
• One should finally visit a medical facility for further assistance.

Whether a Destin snake is venomous or not, one should not even go near such creatures. They are capable of causing health problems that may not have a way of healing them. It is hence recommended that one should seek assistance from wildlife experts on how to deal with the snakes.

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